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Send a referral

Referrals should be simple. At the Mater Private Day Hospitals, Cherrywood and Northern Cross, they are.

You are connected to a single appointment coordination and scheduling team, for all referrals, appointments, administration and reporting – with multiple referral platform options:

  • eReferrals 
  • ​HealthLink
  • Healthmail
Access to care is significantly accelerated from receipt of referral, and the burden of all the follow-up that goes with multiple appointments is removed.

Mater Private Day Hospitals are seamlessly integrated into the Mater Private Network of experts, consultants, facilities and technology – the same team working together to deliver the same expert care, in new locations.

Referrals addressed to Dear Doctor will be clinically triaged and allocated to the appropriate next available clinic. If a named Consultant is preferred, please indicate this on your referral.

Where specific tests or imaging is requested, please indicate on the referral. 
If unsure of the specific testing or imaging required, please note as query and following triage, and/or patient assessment, the Consultant will order as approrpiate.

A referral can be sent right now via the Book an appointment form.

Please enter the necessary referral information and attach a referral letter. A referral letter is required to process a referral straight away.

Once completed the team will start processing your referral straight away.

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