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Treatment Planning

For many patients, a treatment plan is a critical point in their healthcare journey.  It's when decisions and plans are made; it's when the unknown becomes known and for many, it's where the journey starts.

At the Mater Private Day Hospital, your diagnosis, treatment and care is managed directly by our expert team.  We have reimagined the patient journey and adapted our processes to move away from waiting for appointments, multiple back-and-forth visits and waiting for results.

  • A single visit to one purpose-built location
  • All scans, tests and consultations carried out on-site
  • An expert team of consultants, radiographers, technicians and physiologists
  • All scans and tests reported on by Mater Private Radiology Specialist Consultants
  • Treatment discussion and planning with your Consultant on the same day 
  • All supported by Mater Private expertise and excellence

Your journey and experience are completely transformed at the Mater Private Day Hospitals. Your consultation, testing, diagnostic imaging and treatment planning all happen in one day, at one location. 

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