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At the Day Hospital your diagnosis, treatment and care is delivered leading Mater Private Network Consultants - expertise and quality care you can trust.  A GP referral is required for access to services.

Consultation Specialties


Mater Private Network Consultants operate daily clinics at the Day Hospital, where you are surrounded by a specialist team whose focus is you.

Consultants are supported by expert Mater Private Radiographers, Cardiac Physiologists and allied health professionals.

If your treatment plan requires surgery, procedures or other treatment on an inpatient basis, all our Consultants admit to the Mater Private Hospital on Eccles St.

Coordinated Care

Your consultation, imaging, testing and treatment planning are all coordinated to happen together – on one day, in one visit, at one location - accelerating the time to starting a treatment plan.

The Day Hospital is designed around you, ensuring seamless continuity of care and communications across the Mater Private Network.

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