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Transform your healthcare journey at the Mater Private Day Hospital. With just one referral, access to diagnostic imaging, cardiac testing, consultation and treatment plan initiation in one location and one visit, is now possible. 
Integrated, multi-specialty appointments are delivered through our network of Mater Private Hospital experts, ensuring all our patients continue to receive best in class care.

The Mater Private Day Hospital has re-engineered and re-imagined this journey to make it more efficient, to include: 

  • A single visit to one state-of-the-art location
  • All scans, tests and consultations conducted on site
  • Treatment planning
  • All supported by the Mater Private expertise and excellence

Your medical journey and experience is completely transformed at the Mater Private Day Hospitals. Your consultation, testing, and diagnostic imaging all happen within one day, at one location. The result is a treatment plan on the same day that you had your diagnostic test.

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